IP/MPLS Circuit Provisioning Software

Currently, our network uses ATM to provide approximately 1200 virtual circuits to our subscriber base. We use the ATM switch manufacturer’s management software (Marconi Service On Data) to manage both the ATM switches and all of the virtual circuits (mostly SVCs) we have provisioned.

We are in the process of migrating off of ATM and provisioning these services as MPLS circuits (mostly pseudo-wire). But we need a tool to replace Service On Data, as configuring 1200 circuits manually on each router/switch isn’t going to cut it. The network is primarily Juniper Routers at the core and Cisco 3750 Metro switches at the edge.

Does anyone have any experience with a provisioning tool that can build MPLS circuits in a multi-vendor network? We’re evaluating Dorado Red Cell, but I’m not sold on it yet.


Gregory Urban

Director, networkMaryland