IP => Location on the planet

No follow up required or expected.

FYI geo-location fans.

While sitting on a toilet in a hotel in Kansas City, Missouri, US of A, I chanced to log-on to Facebook from my Kindle, and the lap-top in the on the desk in another room, Facebook alerted that I had logged on from Caracas, Venezuela. I have not checked--we might be in the same time-zone.

That's OK. I purchased a WAP from someone in Virginia and now I can't
get the Google App on my phone to admit that I'm still at home and not
in Broad Run.

If anyone has any idea how to "unglue" a MAC address from an incorrect
location in the guts of Google (I've done the skyhook thing
http://www.skyhookwireless.com/submit-access-point), please let me know
(this is an invitation for a followup).


Turn on all the google tracking bugs on the phone and get a GPS fix outside.