IP allocation software

Back in early '98 there was a rather limited discussion on the
availability (or lack) of software to manage IP allocations in a CIDR
world. The concensus at the time was that nothing really existed, other
than homebuilt products. Has anyone come out with a commerical or
non-commercial solution since then?

Jeremiah Kristal
Qwest Internet Solutions
Manager, Network Services
x284 internal


Accugraph and QIP will assign subnets and single IPs.

-Douglas Ring

Jeremiah Kristal wrote:

I've been working on OSIA (Open Source IP Administration) for the past few
months. Unfortunately I've been extremely busy with my real job and lost
part of the code in a system crash. I'm re-doing the code that was lost
(mainly the SWIP template generation for assignments greater than /27) and
I hope to have the code available to the public soon.

It's written entirely in PERL, and is designed as a CGI frontend with an
SQL backend sometime soon. Right now I'd consider it in the early alpha
stages. It's been over a month since I made my original announcement to
inet-access about OSIA. Now that things are slowing down here at work I
should have public code available soon.

It will assign ineternal hosts or networks for PTP connections, web
vhosts, dialup pools, etc. and external hosts or networks, mainly customer
networks. It will auto-genera SWIP's for you, and is totally portable.