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Should the HAC be expected to manage the transition to HumorV6?


Should the HAC be expected to manage the transition to HumorV6?

BEFORE that is introduced, one needs a mailing-list designated for discussion
of the potential problems an dangers associated therewith, similar to the
ACM's discussion list on computer technoogy. May I propose that it be called
the "Humor-esque Digest". An approprite 'publisher' would be the I.S.P.F.[1],
with the editor required to use Alfred E. Neuman as his professional psuedonym.

"if you're going to do a thing, do it RIGHT!!"

"Anything worth doing, is worth over-doing."

  [1] International 'Save the Pun' Foundation -- yes, they -really- exist.

I am not that familiar with Humorv6. Has Hv6 had sufficient
operational input, or is it based on a philosophically pure
redesign of humor making it theoretically funny, but
in practice most of the humor falls flat. Does it require a
redesign of the existing infrastructure (i.e. comedy clubs)
in order to get the joke? And, of course, is the British
implementation of HumourV6 compatible the American
implementation of HumorV6?


I love a good self-referential posting; don't you?

-- jra

The British have been using the correct six character word length for humour ad memoriam.

Christian de Larrinaga

Extra and unnecessary characters do not a correct word make.


The u is silent.

Like the 3 in Hen3ry.

-- jr 'Stein with an "e-i" and Styne with a "y".' a