ios images ?

   were looking at various ios images to use so we can standardise across
  the network. were looking at ios version 11.2(9)P or 11.2(10)P

   does anyone have any warstories to share about these ? good points/bad
points ? things i should be watch out for ?


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Once being an advocate of bleeding edge, I have settled on 11.1.17(CA),
which seems to be very stable. However, I am running 11.2.11P on two
4700's with HSSI's, which runs well (except for some unexplained
frame-relay outages on one, which happens randomly).

We are runng 11.1.17(CA) well on 2501's, and 7206's.

They have 11.1(17.3)CAA with some bugs fixed, this is better than

But this IOS was not published, and should be requested personally.
I think it's pre-release of 11.1(18)CAA.

We're running 11.2(10a)P on 7206's without apparent errors. However, I am
trakcing (hunting?) a problem with one of them - after significant BGP
updates, it requires the main routing tabel to be cleared. May be OK - it
might just be me :slight_smile: