IOS family naming

Hi List,
Anyone recalls ever seeing the IOS naming convention document. In particular
I'm interested in differences between families and trains.

This is all I found:

But im looking for something a bit more recent maybe? Can figure out
differences between say SG, SGA, EW and EWA.

A link to the cipher would certainly help.


I could not find a good link, but let me give you some info on SG, SGA, EW
and EWA.
All these trains are for the 4500 family (including 4900). They are just
different generations.

The EW (and then EWA) were the older trains for 4500, which were replaced by
the SG trains.
If I am not too wrong EW/EWA was new around 2004.

SGA was the 1st release for the SG train, but later releases are not called
SGB/SGC, but are just marked SG, so you get 12.2(31)SGA as the first release
(with 12.2(31)SGA1, 12.2(31)SGA2 etc being maintenance releases, with SGA11
scheduled to be released in a few weeks).

The later SG releases are numbered as 12.2(37)SG, 12.2(40)SG, etc - and we
have 12.2(53)SG as the latest one. Each such release brings in new features,
and has its own maintenance releases (so it would be 12.2(53)SG1,
12.2(53)SG2 etc, with 12.2(53)GS2 being scheduled for the Q2CY10)

Hope this gives you a better view.


Not sure how relevant this still is, but it explains some of the older ones.

Have you checked out the IOS Feature Navigator?