Introducing Detective Cisco...

Take some time out of your busy working day for a film noir classic!

Detective Cisco is hired by Mrs Packet to find her missing husband. On the way he meets different routing protocols who help him along on his journey until he finally tracks down Mr Packet, and in the process gets more than he bargained for!

A film made in 12 days and 12, even longer, nights.

Visit <> to download the .wmv file

This film was written and created in its entirety by 2 Network engineers Samuel Stickland and Warren Cogswell. Both of these guys work day-to-day with Cisco equipment and have both recently passed their CCIE written exams. They were asked to produce a short film to be shown at a company presentation with a brief to have technical content, while taking a light-hearted approach and so Detective Cisco was conceived. The script was written (and furiously re-written) in a just over a day and filming began in earnest, while still making time for their day-to-day job. What you will find on the website is the final render before the piece was shown, which was finished just minutes before it was due to be screened. Sights were aimed a bit higher than the timescale allowed for, but it still hopefully made a cohesive story (with a vertiable shedload of in-jokes for techies!).

So we proudly give you Redistribution, a labour of love and we hope that you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Sam & Warren.

The actor who plays Detective Cisco has a definite Clive Owen vibe
going on. I liked it. Put a cigarette in his hand and it would be
even better.


What license is this made available under ?