Intro and Invitation to SANOG

Hail NANOGers!

As I must assume you are all aware, NANOG is one of many NOGs & NOFs
around the world these days.

One of the oldest of those NOGs that many of you may not have heard of
is SANOG - the South Asian Network Operators Group. SANOG has been
running strong since 2003. And their community has done amazing work
in their region, from the jungles of Sri Lanka to the mountaintops of
Nepal and a whole lot more.

Learn more about SANOG here:

But why am I telling you this?

Well, I'm on the PC for their next meeting (SANOG 37), which will be
held virtually from Colombo.

"Virtually" means you have an opportunity to share your knowledge with
an international audience, without getting on a plane! Present on a
topic that will support the SANOG community with your expertise and
experience from the comfort of your own home/office!

Call for Papers is open:

Feel free to hit me with questions.