Internic takes Alternic to court

After nearly a two-week spree, the hijack of the InterNIC Web site
     ended when a lawyer representing Network Solutions Inc. delivered a
     civil action lawsuit against Eugene Kashpureff, who is scheduled to
     appear in court today at 9 a.m. EDT.

     Kashpureff, operator of the renegade top-level domain registry
     AlterNIC, fooled most of the Net's nameservers into changing the
     identity of the and machines to that
     of his own. Due to the distributed nature of the network, DNS may
     still resolve to AlterNIC through some nameservers - even though for
     Kashpureff, the gig is up.

     "I turned it off at 12 p.m. yesterday when that lawyer called me,"
     Kashpureff said Tuesday, not sounding as chipper as he did in earlier
     times. Network Solutions Inc. filed suit in US District Court in
     Alexandria, Virginia, seeking to shut down Kashpureff.

     Kashpureff denies most of the allegations and accusations. "I haven't
     had time to get ready [for the hearing], due to the nature and the
     speed of it," he said. "We do not intend to redirect the domain names
     of the InterNIC or of Network Solutions any longer and will promise
     the court not to do that, and hence they don't have any reason to take
     any immediate action against me."

     Network Solutions, which is still in its pre-IPO quiet period, refused
     to confirm or deny anything: "We still have no comment on that
     situation," a spokesperson said. But apparently, it is swift and
     vehement action that Network Solutions has called for.

     "The part I really want you to know, and the part that I want you to
     care about," Kashpureff explains, is the contents of the 42-page civil
     action itself - which calls for a complete seizure of all his computer
     equipment, including any data on magnetic storage.

     "They're turning me into a child pornographer," he said. "Read just
     how bad they're trying to rape me and the public - there's some very
     inflammatory statements about .com, .net, and .org in this document

     While most network operators do not support Kashpureff's actions, his
     protest of the InterNIC monopoly strikes a common chord in many,
     including Aaron Abelard, who cites Network Solutions' unwillingness to
     work toward a compromise in allowing more top-level domains.

     Karl Denninger, president of MCS Inc., which also < provides
     alternative top-level domains, agrees. But he certainly doesn't agree
     with Kashpureff's tactics. "I do not support this kind of terrorism,"
     he said. "This won't make me very popular with anyone over at the
     AlterNIC camp, but I hope he does go to jail."