InterNIC oddities

The WHOIS database seems to be updated at random intervals. Today, it
never did get updated. The data is more than 24 hours stale in the WHOIS
database, and the "last updated" time is being reported as yesterday,
mid-morning. The name servers do appear to be up-to-date, though.

The F.ROOT-SERVERS.NET machine has an out-of-date com. zone. The other
name servers seem to be up-to-date, and the F server is OK for the net
and org domains, and the root domain. Only the com TLD is out of date (5
days old).

On a positive note, the domain name modification forms appear to be back
from the dead.

Paulk said, four months ago, that NSI had asked him to stop serving
COM/NET/ORG while the SRS beta test was running.

Actually, what he said was that he had been asked to stop permitting zone
transfers from F, not that he should completely stop serving it up. Big

I stand corrected.