Internic hosage (fwd)

[Disclaim, disclaim: association listed for identifiaction, not
endorsement, etc etc.]


Ah. Only girls with lowcut [...]

If your point is that periodicly lusers and abusers will have similar
thoguhts or profess similar motivations to others that aren't lusers,
then congratulations. You just discovered that no-one "owns" an idea or
position. Even lunatics can believe in gravity; does that make it less
valid? Does the presence of Jim Fleming (or you, his un-funhouse mirror)
on this list make this list invalid?


You're smarter than that. I think. Besides, I react badly to coercion. So
do most people. Thats why we need laws. Sensible ones at that.

Funny, but the enforcement of laws are based on ...coercion. I think
you need to re-visit your dictionary. I'm not going to coerce you in
any way shape or form when I plonk you into my nanog-procmail filter after
this letter. Because I choose not to hear you on nanog makes me
somehow abusive? Anyway, social workings behind law enforcement and the
rationale for anarchism are on the dance card here, so...

Anyway, I don't think it is just spammers. NOC's don't put terribly good
information in whois because general public lusers will call them, instead
of the help desk. Most companies don't list off-hours numbers. etc.

The presence of bad data is not justification for further bad data.
To remove spam from the argumnet, since it appears to cause you to lose
all ability to reason, let's use BGP. Anyone doing BGP should have 24x7
numbers available; if your peers don't, request they do so by (mumble date)
or you'll have to cut them off. If someone can't handle the calls they might
generate due to error or whatever, they shouldn't be in the deep end of the

Similarly with folks dumping postmaster to /dev/null. There are
simple, sane things to do that are responsible. They are codified into
various RFCs so that guides exist for newbies and folks wanting to do Right
have something to point at when talking to the Suits.

I am curious at you WAG that "Most companies don't list off-hours
numbers. etc."; how long were you workinmg at the InterNIC grinding the
database to determine this?

I don't think I protest enough. Spam actually runs only 2% of email volume.

Again, with the stats of no consequence. 2% of _whose_ mail volume?
How measured? etc etc... It is a hell of a lot more than 2% in my neck
of the woods.

On the other hand, maybe I have been a bit hasty, and haven't considered
every option. Vix, will you put porn sites into the RBL? I'll tell you

Bzzt - content is irrelevant. The RBL is behavior modification for
folks with broken behavior or broken configurations. It works; I know
since I had a server getting abused, no resources allocated for what I
knew needed to be done, and I got RBLd. Suddenly, I had the resources
to complete POP-before-SMTP and anti-relaying within the time it took me
to explain what went on. It was also a suprise due to ...bad WHOIS data!

Wow, I feel like James Burke; here we are back at the start of the

Goodbye Dean, stand alongside Fleming in my ruleset. Learn how to be
funny from him, ok?