Internic database updater foobared?


  Anybody else notice that the NIC's database hasn't been refreshed
in a while? Some customers called me today wondering why their changes
weren't working yet, and I noticed that the last update happened over 48
hours ago.

blakew(4)[~]> whois
Database last updated on 14-Jul-98 08:32:30 EDT

blakew(5)[~]> whois
Database last updated on 14-Jul-98 08:32:30 EDT

  Blake Willis
  CAIS Network Engineering

Despite whois being old, the root zones are up to date.
New domains are showing up there but not in whois.
--Ben Kirkpatrick, ELI Data Eng.

Its all luck of the draw. seems to have at least 2
different backend databases running. One reports was last
updated 14-Jul-98 and the other 15-Jul-98. I seem to remember them
moving things around the other day, maybe they just haven't gotten it all
sorted yet, imagine that.

Sam Hayes Merritt, III

Last night I was checking on a domain, and doing a whois on it 10 times
reported 2 different sets of information. It was quite interesting. I
was doing this between 8-9pm CST. I thought it was quite interesting.

Joe Shaw -
NetAdmin - Insync Internet Services