Internic address allocation policy

we, the
users (and the greater "we", the providers) have to take this over. we've
got the dollars at risk and we've got the customers to satisfy -- and those
two things are the primary components of networking.

  Is it just me, or does this argument ring the same as the debate over Social
Security and taxes? Yes, we all agree that the situation, if it proceeds as
it has, it horrible. Yet, could we as the internet community surpass the
lethargicness of our government? I believe our true test of autonomy will be
demonstrated at this juncture. Do we choose to develop a plan that will
prevent the european ags's from being driven to their deaths? Or shall we
slide along in oblivion, getting blocks of 8 bits 4 or five times a year? At
MIDnet we've just gotten another 16 bit CIDR, and soon we will likely need
another one. Would it not have made more sense to give us an 18 bit CIDR?
  Regardless, many methods of implementing a better situation come to mind, and
Vixie's "World Council of Internet Eleet" is far from the worst.