Internic address allocation policy

> Would you care to provide _any_ evidence whatsoever that registry
> personnel accept bribes? If not, then please refrain from spreading
> such unsubstantiated bullshit.

He may have been talking to people that made joking references to bribes
like "being nice", "sending thank you notes", and similar stuff. I have
come across people who talk about bribing the Internic for favors but they
are referring to the above, not to suitcases of cash. The phrase "bribing
with kindness" comes to mind.

Policy or no policy, customers who are dickheads to me get put at the
very bottom of my queue and priority list. They don't get *ignored*,
but they're put waaaaaaaaay down there. The nice ones, the chummy ones
or ones who let me know that what I do for them is appreciated obviously
will get a higher preference.

We're not all robots. We do have feelings, regardless of policy, and
if you had a T1, T3, whatever with me, and you publicly attacked me on
mailing lists, you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm not going to be
too nice to you.