Internic address allocation policy

Wayne Bouchard writes...
> Heartily agreed.. Its far far easier to get address space when you've
> got the docs to prove you need it and you've allocated
> intelligently. They require you to justify need, why shouldn't you
> require customers requesting multiple class Cs to justify need?

Do larger providers have to play by the same rules, or do they all
still have so much extra space from the pre-CIDR days that it doesn't
matter? I ask because I know of at least one BBN customer that less
than a year ago was assigned 3 /24's for their 30 machine network.

Net99 gave one aquaintance of mine a /22 when he asked for one /24
(back when they were net99)

I also know of another friend of my other half :slight_smile: who was given a "B",
and, yes boys and girls, he has a dialup account. Of course, this was
in '89 or '90.. but he's still got that SLIP :slight_smile: