Internic address allocation policy (fwd)


I think that intentions of the original email is harmless and a good idea,
however, I also think that the suggested implementation below simply 'should'
not work.

I do not know of any organization that would allow internal network information
to be made available to an outside party. I think this ranks pretty
high up on any security policy. It would probably not even be possible on
correctly secured network. And on one that wasn't properly secured, you
would probably hear lots of complaints about scanning or searching that

So, I think you are going to find in almost every instance, the other
company telling you to politely mind your own business. Now, another
solution might be to have one organization (InterNIC or sorts) to be
responsible for obtaining and reviewing this information. They
already do this to smaller providers trying to obtain new IP addresses.
It might be possible to implement some sort of continued observations
of issued IP addresses to ensure proper allocation. But this sounds
like alot more potential work for an already busy entity like the InterNIC.

I don't know, I just thought to mention that I liked the idea, but
at the same time it just doesn't seem like a practical solution.

Just my added thoughts...

Sean Rolinson

If the internal network is that "top secret" it should be behind a
firewall and using RFC 1918 space.