is dead

Anyone know of a site with similar functionality?
redirects to Dynatrace homepage now.

... it might help explaining what the site did.

- Josh

It displayed real-time(-ish) latency and packet loss between major
networks. As companies were acquired, this became less useful, but it still
had it moments.

For the visually oriented, see the link above.

I guess one way is to compile list of Looking Glass servers on those
providers and also list of IPs that belong to those and start pinging each
other to produce the matrix.

You can also try RIPE Atlas or RIPE and Maplatency can
be automated using API so the matrix could be built automatically. In any
case you will need to find out destination IPs within the network so you
have something to ping (that should not be that hard, you can use for that)

Disclosure: I work for Speedchecker which created Maplatency

Good work,
However the constant captcha sucks allot, can you add a few shorter frequencies? Maybe 1-10 seconds rather than one minute intervals? I'd also like to see perhaps a graph view of Comcast, Level3, Verizon, etc to see if any latency between networks perhaps done via traceroutes?
Kyle Weller

Also the dropdown for network, can you add search capability so no scrolling need? Looking good so far, I'll use this daily.
Kyle Weller

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