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two quick questions:

Is there any way to retrieve BGP data (e.g. table dumps, updates, ...) such that i.) the data is not already available in the RIPE RIS, Routeviews, PCH, Isolario, or BGPmon projects and ii.) it is not necessary to query a Looking Glass to death (e.g. get all neighbors, for each neighbor get all prefixes, for each prefix get all announcements)?

Are there any traceroute (or related) projects that currently still make their data publically available except for MLAB, RIPE Atlas, Caida, the Bismark Projekt, the portolan project?

In addition, if you know somebody that knows somebody (...) that probably might be capable of giving me access to an IXP Route Server dump, a set of traceroutes that is not published publically yet, or something related I would *really* appreciate if you could forward me the contact! :slight_smile: All data is supposed to be used in a research context, more specific my master thesis, therefore I would also accept annonymized data as long as it still contains useful topology information.

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Is this some sort of BGP AS Path Visualization like what ThousandEyes are doing?

No. Visualizing AS paths, as such, is not planned within the scope of my thesis :slight_smile:

However, I'm really interested in getting an accurate snapshot of the current Internet's AS-level topology. The topology-related data ThousandEyes collects would fit my needs perfectly. If anyone may be able to provide similar data for academic research purposes I would really appreciate receiving a mail.

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I wrote something like that last year using all AS15169 peerings,
sourcing data from BMP, then rendering out all the various paths just
using graphviz.

The most useful thing was the version I made which did that for direct
peers and their single-homed (at least as far as we could tell)
customers. So many networks have a couple of prefixes they forgot to
advertise on peerings, a transit they forgot to v6 enable, or an "I'm
sure the bosses didn't know about this one" v6 transit path.

The most amusing graph was probably Akamai, since they reuse AS20940 all
over the planet for distinct nodes. That one probably qualifies as
modern art.

Hello Lars

Checking to see what this research activity produced could be helpful.

Towards an Accurate, Geo-Aware, PoP-Level Perspective of the Internet's Inter-AS Connectivity


Geo-positioning, in general sucks. Internet topology has very little to do
with geo-data, however, i would highly recommend this guys