Internet Reachability

Anyone noticing any issues reaching sites through their “Internet tubes”? Specifically it looks like DSLR is down. And I was having a problem reaching MSN earlier today.


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DSLR is undergoing a DDoS attack from Russia.

See here:

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Anyone noticing any issues reaching sites through their “Internet tubes”?

It seems that a Chinese ping-pong ball factory recently started making balls that are slightly larger than the standard size. As a result, ISPs whose tubes are newer, are suffering from pneumatic congestion, kind of like pneumonia if you know what I mean. This isn’t affecting the larger ISPs since their tubes are older, and have higher traffic levels. The increased wear on these high-traffic tubes means that they are a slightly larger diameter and the new balls fit through better. The FCC recommends ISPs affected by the flood of these Chinese ping-pong balls to increase air pressure on their tubes to compensate, or to block Chinese traffic from entering their networks.

–Michael Dillon

P.S. with a nod to Senator Ted Stevens…