Internet II is coming...

About the broader issue of the Internet II project, I have always
suspected that the "retail" market (100 M households) and the R&E
market (1000 largest R&E and industrial institutions) had incompatible
network requirements. The consequence is that no infrastructure could
be optimal for both. It would be a *good*thing* if the providers
could develop two parallel infrastructures

The fiber infrastructure and the multiplexer infrastructure are good enough
to support both Internet and Internet II. What the Internet lacks for
Internet II today is IP tunnels with QoS. So I think that one IP
infrastructure could be good enough for both and will be some day. This I
believe. :slight_smile:

Internet II and the like are good things. No question!


If 100k university students, faculty and staff can demonstrate large scale
personal videoconferencing, that would be a big win and a good market driver.

BTW, is someone going to build traffic monitors and diagnostic tools into
the Internet II infrastructure? Any new inter-domain routing protocols?
Source demand routing? QoS? Or are the universities satisfied with just more