Internet II is coming...

"Paul J. Zawada" writes:

The problem is probably less the way the Internet has been built but the
dynamics of TCP.

Or perhaps, more accurately, HTTP's abuse of TCP has been magnifying
the load difficulties...

Have you tried this with two DS3 pipes at opposite ends of the Internet
(i.e. from two different NSPs at different ends of the US)?

I must admit that I have not (only T1s), but then again, with many
providers still on DS3 backbones, I would not expect to get 100%
performance from DS3s for a few years to come. If you really need
guaranteed DS3 performance between point A and point B most of the
time, you are going to have to arrange for it specially for the near

BTW, different ends of the US is totally irrelevant. My packets across
town frequently travel by way of the other coast. I still tend to get
pretty good performance at frac T1 levels.