Internet II is coming...

  I suspect that, as this -is- the NANOG list, there is a tendency
  to focus on tight, near-term technical issues. Just maybe,
  the problem is that commodity internet services are being
  priced for the 28.8 dialup Win95 user and his upstream provider.

  I would posit that those behind the Inet2 proposals are trying
  to involk a different price point. In some sense the higher
  ed. environment is the traditional ISPs worst nightmare.

  The dialup client is history. All your clients are running
  with ethernet or faster links to your core. DS3 links are
  a joke. OC3c is your nearterm (3-6 month) deliverable.
  You really want 10x OC3c, -clear-channel- pipes from a
  provider in the next 12 months.

  This is not your ISPs provider here. Multiple DS3s from
  anyone or multiple 100Meg ports on a GigaSwitch are not
  even in the cards.

  When will MCI/Sprint/WorldCom/ATT provide cost effective,
  clear channel OC48 pipes? The old NSFnet solved the DS3
  issues for y'all. Who is going to take the lead on the
  next steps?


Dorian writes: So if you follow that train of thought, building
a private net for "important/meritorious" traffic makes some amount of

Cook: who chooses to define what is meritorious/important?

From what I understand Internet II will be brought to us by IBM using ATT

bit pipes. The vBNS is a $50 million NSF investment in MCI. I *DO* wonder
how synergy between the efforts is to be achieved?

Ironically I understand that it is MCI measured usage charging on DS-3s
that has increased the cost of this bandwidth to universities by 300 to
400 per cent over what they had been paying that is increasing their

Bill manning adds: When will MCI/Sprint/WorldCom/ATT provide cost
effective, clear channel OC48 pipes?

Cook: when hell freezes over is my guess.