Internet connectivity in Nigeria

Hi All

Currently having a terrible situation in Nigeria where the GLO1 and
MainOne cables appear to be both down.
Can anyone suggest a good Nigerian ISP with redundancies enough to
overcome at least two of the following dying out?


Please dont say MTN or any of the Nigerian telcos, except there are no
other options, customer service will leave you trying to commit bodily

PCCW has a strong presence in Africa and they are easy to work with.

- R.

PCCW? I dont think I've heard of them

PCCW? I dont think I've heard of them

Pccw would be sat3 glo1 and wacs maybe others.

Their looking glass can give you some idea into their reach with Nigeria with a little experimentation.

That said sat3 and glo1 combined have something like an order of magnitude less capacity than wacs so the survival / utility of any of the older systems when losing the newest ones is probably less than complete.

Yes I just tried a very comforting traceroute

traceroute ip
Sun Jun 18 20:52:28.946 GMT
Tracing the route to
1 ( [MPLS: Label 24967
Exp 0] 182 msec ( 182 msec ( 182 msec
2 ( [MPLS: Label 24967
Exp 0] 181 msec ( 182 msec 181 msec
3 ( [MPLS: Label 5035
Exp 0] 181 msec 181 msec 181 msec
4 ( [MPLS: Label 20449 Exp
0] 181 msec 181 msec 180 msec
5 ( [MPLS: Label 24363 Exp
0] 181 msec 181 msec 181 msec
6 ( 181 msec * 180 msec
read timed-out
Query Complete