Internet Backbone Index

I would really like to know how Boardwatch can continually say Savvis is a
national backbone provider when they peer with nobody, and that is part of
their business plan, and only buy transit from the big 5. Then they
neglect to list DRA as a backbone provider, when DRA appears at many major
exchanges and peers with damn near everyone under the sun from what I can

Publisher's perogative.

I'm always amused when the latest edition of the Boardwatch ISP directory
comes out. Fortunately, DRA's target markets are libraries and other
information providers, not ISPs, although we have a few ISPs as customers.
Even though DRA tried to provide accurate information to Boardwatch, it
always seems to get mangled in the Boardwatch editorial process. For
example, in the latest issue DRA's listing says we have a 0.099 Mbps
connection with Sprint. I don't know how to even order a 0.099 Mbps
connection. In a previous issue Boardwatch said DRA sold dialup connections
for $19.95/month, even though we had told Boardwatch DRA didn't offer
any dialup services. At least Boardwatch no longer lists Sean Doran as
the chief engineer for InternetMCI.

After awhile one gets tired of trying to correct other people's mistakes
over and over again. Maybe I should start following the InternetMCI model,
and claim everything is a big secret.