Internet Backbone Index

> apparently your definition of nonconfrontational includes calling people
> morons. i think i will expand my definition of "editor" to include
> clueless network engineer wannabes.

As I recall, you specifically began the name calling episode.

"mom, he started it!"...i have no recollection of starting any name
calling, but i also don't recall making a claim to be nonconfrontational.

> since you obviously don't know a thing about how things like peering,
> NAPs, IP routing, and all the other components of network engineering
> work, i this it humorous.

Actually I know quite a bit about them. If it is obvious to you otherwise,
it becomes rather obvious that you don't.

you have provided no evidence that you are actually familiar with even
the most basic concepts of large-scale network engineering with IP. the
only obvious thing here is that you edit a magazine that 5 years ago
stated that the internet is insignificant and BBSs would carry the day.

> so you are hoping backbone providers move their own home page web servers

> in order to skew a severely limited and obviously bogus benchmark? if it

> is as easy as that to change the results, don't you think perhaps there
> is something radically wrong with your methodology? wouldn't that seem
> to indicate this so-called benchmark isn't really testing what it
> purports to?

I don't think it will be that easy, which if you could read you would see

i can read just fine, thank you. and what i see is you backpedalling.
you specifically stated that you hoped backbone providers would move
their web servers to the absolute best spot on their network (assuming
that were a static location). how exactly does that improve service for
either their dialup, direct digital, or colocation customers?

such a move would accomplish *nothing* other than potentially skewing
your benchmarks int heir favor.

again i ask, what has that got to do with providing the best possible
service for *customers*?

in the comments you quoted. No, I don't think there is something radically
wrong with the methodology. I have no hopes for what providers do. They

other than specifically stating you hope providers move their web have an amazingly short memory.

can do whatever they like. We will continue to publish test results. How
they react to them is no affair of mine.

then why are you posting on nanog?