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I guess it was only a matter of time. The Keynote/Boardwatch
Internet Backbone Index

I'm not going to comment on the methodology flaws, but it does
show what will fill the information gap. I do like the line "The
world's fastest network provides good service to its users only if it
does a good job of connecting to the rest of the Internet." Unfortunately
I don't think this study really shows that.

Sales people of certain networks are faxing the several page article around
to customer prospects ...

I was actually at an ATM convention today, and SAVVIS had the study all
over their booth. Either they got an early release copy, or they were fast
on their feet getting it printed out a few bazillion times. I was
semi-amused by some of the things that were on display at the trade show,
such as one Internet Provider who had some things up on their monitors
which said "Proprietary and Confidential" at the bottom. Who would put
proprietary and confidential information on display at a trade show?

ObAboutTopic: This is possibly the most flawed study on the planet.
Remind me to get a fast web server. (And to think, we were going to put
our web server in our office, behind a T-1, instead of in real estate near
where the real bandwidth is that could be used for customers.).

Oh well.