International TE

I am interested in only accepting international traffic from one of our
secondary providers only. Most providers I have dealt with have a TE
community list which allows me to prepend or not not advertise to their
upstream peers. However, my primary provider does not have this. My
goal is to not advertise internationally through this provider. I am
considering just setting the communities for my provider's upstream
peers (about 7 of them) to tell them to not advertise internationally.
I am also trying to get my primary provider to implement this

Are there any better ways to do this? Also, if anyone has a
consolidated list of provider TE communities that would be a great

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Check this link:

You can always play with as-path prepending and advertising a more specific
subnets through different providers...


here's a likely silly question: what's the thinking behind not
purposefully and openly publishing available communities and their
associated policy implications? difficulty? embarrassment? both?