Intermittent "bad gateway"

Are we having another BGP problem this morning?

Unknown but this looks very different from before.

Looks like it’s an issue isolated to Cloudflare - Matthew tweeted:

Gotta be more specific than that…

What carrier(s) are you using? If you do a traceroute do your packets take a weird path? Etc.

We got reports on that on some cloudflare sites, but it disappeared pretty quickly. Looks like a CDN issue.


Cloudflare has implemented a fix for this issue and is currently monitoring the results

Seems to be a CloudFlare hiccup.

Cloudflare did fall over for a bit this morning.


Hah do you mean CloudFlare 502?

I think that Stephen is referring to a Cloudflare issue 20 minutes ago.

Most likely referring to the CloudFlare issue -

One hell of a fall.

I’ve had the same error on a Cloudflare hosted site ( while trying to upload an image for search since yesterday. It’s still happening as of a minute ago.

Maybe Verizon can blog about it.