Interesting Spam

This is a note we got a few days ago.


Antispammers go to and see what we think of you!!!!

Neat. Telnetting to a UUNET dialup IP. I wonder if they know they've got
this kind of a user....

(Yeah, I know, silly question considering recent events, but still...)

Steve Mansfield
NorthWestNet Network Engineer 425-649-7467

Having just left the UUNET customer service group, Steve, I'm quite
certain you know exactly what type of issues they face.

Perhaps you have some operational insight more useful to this discussion
than "Yeah, me too!"

Really sorry - this wasn't for public consumption. Please pardon my

   "If the good people, in their wisdom, shall
    see fit to keep me in the background, I have
    been too familiar with disappointments to be
    very much chagrined."

or better yet

   "If destruction be our lot we must ourselves
    be its author and finisher"