Interesting Occurrence

Yes, the XP version. I already chastised him for that faux pax. He replied that the guy who sold him the satellite system said it would be adequate. I offered to go find the guy and… Ummm… rectify the situation. :wink:


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Okay… Here is a new one for me. Got a call from my dad saying he left
his PC on last night connected to his broadband. He went to log in this
morning and noticed a new ID in his user list - IWAP_WWW. He immediately
deleted is and called me. I had him ensure his critical updates we all
applied - they were. I had him ensure his antivirus was up to date - it
was (Norton Antivirus 2004). He is running XP Home.

I searched the antivirus sites and elsewhere for references. Any idea if
there is a new vulnerability that has not been publicly released? Any


Out of curiosity, was he running any sort of (including the XP one) of
firewall software?