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>A bunch of us are thinking about multihoming solutions for IPv6. For this
>purpose, it is useful to know a bit more about how actual networks (rather
>than the ones existing only as ASCII drawings) interconnect. So:
>- What are the 12 - 18 most important interconnect locations in the world?
> MAE East, the Ameritech, Sprint and PacBell NAPs, PAIX, LINX and AMS-IX
> come to mind, but from where I'm sitting it's hard to judge whether
> others are important or marginal.

  NSPIXP6 (tokyo) has the largest number of participants (40+).
  6TAP, NY6IX, 6IIX-NY, and PAIX palo alto comes to my mind next.
  check out

>- Using private or public interconnects?

  both. there are a lot of private interconnections over tunnel, which
  should be changed to CAT5 cable.