Interconnecting at MAE-West

>} Could some kind network operator out there, guide me to a FAQ or some
>} other document with regards to interconnecting at MAE-West (or any
>} other MAE). Specifically, some of the things I would like to find out
>} about are probably old hat to most of you, so if you could pass on some
>} of your knowledge, it would be greatly appreciated.

The best place for info on the MAEs is from MFS, send mail to
'' with a similar request.

  Since MAE-West is joint operated facility, you might also
  want to contact Lannce Tatman of AMES. They have pretty
  reasonable rates and several of the larger providers
  are there. This is advantagous since the link between
  MFS and AMES has been known to fail and you will want to
  keep your peerings up, right?