Inter-provider relations

A centralized database, wherein all contacts from an ISP/NSP are kept (new
peering contacts, admin, techie, etc) along with current peering policy seems
like something that would have alleviated hundreds of hours for me..
Maybe the tooth fairy will deliver it someday..

  Sounds like what the IRR (is supposed to) deliver.
  Of course, you have to ask yourself... Is my data
  correct in the IRR?

  And then a quick turn through ROE - the route object editor
  and RtConfig will allow anyone to crank out a correctly
  churned cisco config in seconds. No need for an MLPA,
  No being out of control... with the minor exception that
  your intended peer has not entered thier peering policies
  into the IRR correctly. Of course this can be checked
  with ROE.

  Keeps the phone calls to adjacent peers routing geeks down
  to a managable level... :slight_smile: