Intel 10Gb on VMware (AMD) ESX 4.0 intermittent problem

Has anyone experience problems using Intel 10 Gb NIC on VMware (AMD) ESX

Some VM's are experiencing intermittent network drop issues even though
the actual VM is online. The VM are unable to ping out or respond to
ping and sometime unable to ping VM-to-Vm on the same physical server.

The problem is only on some VM's on the same ESX host. We move the vms
to another ESX 4.0 with same Intel 10 GB card, the problem is resolve,
but return days later with same VM at new location.

The Intel 10 GB has VMDQ features was not sure if that is part of the

Thanks in advance


Have you applied the ESX patches. I don't run ESX, but ESXi, and there
was a firmware patch that addressed some networking issues on Linux
systems. Might give that a try if you have not already.

We had this once before on an Intel GigE ethernet adapter..
The hacky fix was to leave a ping running continuously (mtr in this case) which solved the problem.

Sounds like a arp/mac learning issue-- I think it got fixed when we re-installed ESXi on that machine.