Initial Route Server Stats for MAE-East

  >' make sure to put all the hair in your pants before
  > zipping your zipper..... notes ... SPAMtastic
  Is this really necessary? I don't see any technical point in this
  sort of argument.

No, Richard, it is not 'really necessary'. I hope that you did not
find my crude analogy offensive. But I stand behind my observation
that SPAM is in the eyes of be observer and the technical level of
the discussions appear in general (discounting the good discussion
going on about network performance) to be dominated by either
non-technical opinions or trival technical details.

Of course, your are right, my analogy to common sense events like
zipping up a pair of jeans or dressing your body may be over
trivializing more complex issues..... I plead guilty to taking
my opinion to somewhat arrogant extremes in the above statement.

Sorry, it's just after watching one magazine ad on com-priv result
in utterly a deluge of son-of-spam messages, I was frustrated at
'technical spam' via-a-via 'economic spam'. In the general case,
it all degenerates to the same noise and my personal disgust
with the low S/N ratio does not help matters.

Furthermore, I made the mistake of thinking that this tread was on
com-priv. If I had been more cognizant of the fact that this
discussion was on nanog, I would not have posted such a harsh

My mistake, too quick on the elm keys, for sure.