Initial Route Server Stats for MAE-East

Thanks for all the spam.....

these posting are like kindergarden of IP users with
little answers like:

" please keep in mind that pings add traffic to the net "

Blah, blah. blah. I'm sure I'm not the only one on the
net that considers these little ' oh, tie your shoe
before walking ... so called, help messages ' and the
' make sure to put all the hair in your pants before
  zipping your zipper..... notes ... SPAMtastic

Honestly, how some people who just learned how to PING or
do BGP now believe that everyone else on the net needs their
advice on the net is a mystery.

Everybody PINGs, everybody will always ping to check out
connectivity problems, etc. Based on the NOISE on the
list now, we need an AUP entry on *how many packets
you can PING a day* or other foolish KID talk like :wink:

" lets all charge .001 cent per ICMP packet, that 'll
  control them....." (typical com-priv spam...)

And please, lets not get into a weeks SON-OF-SPAM spawns
SON-OF-SPAM discussion on the little zine ad that happened
to cyberplop this weekend. My hard disk still has traces
of magnetic SON-OF-SPAM electrons from the last zine ad
that ravaged our mailboxes.

Surely, there is some intellectually stimulating neurons
out there about to spark some *new interesting* ideas :slight_smile: