Information re: Cyberpromo

AGIS has some 175 or so reseller customers, some of whom are largeish.
A number of those are dual-homed or peer with "nearly everyone" at
one or more exchange points, though. In the last few weeks, I've seen
over 10 midsized ISPs announce they were leaving AGIS, many more are talking
about doing so. Both because of ongoing spam support and their low
quality of service (some inherent, some apparently people attacking
Cyberpromo and/or AGIS after being spammed, unfortunately) I now
recommend to all the ISPs I do or have consulted with that are
AGIS customers that they leave.

I've never actually seen a large network kill itself before.
It looks like they've got circa 6 months to live at this rate.
This is an interesting process...

-george william herbert
Disclaimer: I speak for nobody, not even my cats.