Information about the national test of the Emergency Alert System

And your upstream(s) to work. And their upstream(s) to work. etc. If 90% of the stations in the EAS web are down you may end up with nothing working.

6% of TV stations are operating in Puerto Rico
15% of radio stations are operating in Puerto Rico

Nationally, there are about 28,000 cable systems, radio and television stations.

This test will not use the FEMA primary entry point system, so its only a partial test of the national EAS.

Today's national test of the Emergency Alert System will be the same as the 2016 national test. It is a partial test of the EAS, using the FEMA IPAWS system over the internet (i.e. Akamai and Cloudfront are used as CDNs) to the distribute the emergency test message. Cable, radio and TV stations need a working Internet connection as well as radio receivers and transmitters for IPAWS and EAS.

Although the national test was scheduled back in July, its still a good test opportunity to see how the internet and EAS works in Puerto Rico and the U.S. VI with so much damage to the infrastructure. The one minute national test should not intefere with disaster recovery efforts in PR or USVI.

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I didn't see a blip on my TV, or hear anything on the local radio
stations. I didn't even get an alert on my cell phone. Did I miss
it, or did it get cancelled?


Went through this AM. Here in the SF BA, alerts went out on the airwaves around 11:20am today.