Just what are the qualifications for employment at Sprint's Networking Division
these days? A pulse...?

  My name is Tony Radzwon I am a new employee at Sprint Internet
Services. I have recieved a report that was sent to called CIDR. I am
trying to get all the information about this report that I can find. I
was thinking you may have some information about this you could share
with me.If so please e--mail me or page me at 1-800-sprint1 pin#3828941.
Thank you for your time.

P.S. I am also curious what is.

        Thank You

                   Tony Radzwon
        Sprint Internet Services

Robert J. Fehn Sr.,President and CEO
Jersey Cape Information Systems Inc.

Come on, I spoke with Tony and explained...give him a break. He's only
looking for information.