Independent space from ARIN


> > Was this tongue in cheek?
> Nope.
> > I am not an economist, but this is a sure fire way to destroy the interne


> > as we know it today.
> Why is this so hard to believe? Real estate is mostly a free market, and
> that seems to perform pretty well for the most part. How is address space
> that different? Please explain how you believe this would destroy the
> internet.

There's a lot more available real estate than available v4 address
space. That's the biggest one. Second, groups that make the Internet
go aren't necessarily the ones who can afford the address space.
Third, there's no root owner of the address space, so who is going
to sell it?

But really, you just need the first one: small space. The relatively
small pool means that a large company with lots of money could buy the
whole ARIN chunk of the Internet. Speculators would probably buy
address space and leave it unused, much like they do for domain names.
Address space would have to be bought and sold on arbitrary borders,
resulting in massive fragmentation of the tables.

On the good side, address-based lawsuits would revitalize our flagging
litigous economy :wink:

(in a shameless self-promotion) there was a paper written a while
ago by myself, Paul Resnick and Steve Bellovin on the topic of
charging for IP addresses:

  Rekhter, Y., Resnick, P., Bellovin, S., "Financial Incentives for
  Route Aggregation and Efficient Address Utilization in the Internet",
  Coordination the Internet, MIT Press, 1997