Incorrect GeoIP filtering of


We are reaching out to NANOG since the following issue is mostly observed in US-based service providers.

We are advertising the prefix, that seems to be blocked by various popular US-based services, thus our customers originating from this prefix have trouble reaching such services. Indicatively:

Atlassian (AMAZON), Adobe (AKAMAI) .

To the best of our understanding, the blocking is enforced due to US / EU sanctions against Iran. The prefix was purchased by us - Lamda Hellix SA ( AS56910 based in GREECE, EUROPE ) - approximately 8 months ago.

We followed the necessary process as instructed by RIPE for changing the ownership of the prefix.

Therefore, we kindly ask those of you that use/maintain/operate GeoIP databases to update your records.

Most importantly, we would be grateful if you could share with us ( which Geo databases are mainly used in the US for this purpose.

Kind regards,

Adam Pavlidis

Adam, has that IP block listed as "(DCH) Data Center/Web Hosting/Transit” which we’ve seen cause issues for residential users in the past, most notably on Cogent IP space.

We worked with to have the address block re-analyzed and updated to "(ISP) Fixed Line ISP” which resolved many of the issues users had accessing various streaming CDN services.


If you find anything not on our list let me know