Inbound Call Issues

Has anyone had issues reported over the last few weeks from customers with inbound calls in the Northeast reporting the following:

  1. Long call setup
  2. No ring back or very delayed ring back (Post Dial Delay)
  3. Delayed audio in calls. Persons on each end maybe talking over each other.
  4. Multiple call logs showing up for a single call in logs.

We have been engaging multiple providers (CCI, Spectrum, Windstream and Onvoy) and have been making some progress but are looking to see if anyone else is experiencing the same issues.


I got this from Bandwidth earlier this afternoon. Might be related:

Inbound Calling to Canada
Incident Report for Bandwidth

New Incident Status: Identified
Bandwidth’s vendor has identified the source of impairment within their network and are working towards a resolution.
Aug , EDT

Bandwidth is currently working with our Canadian based vendor to investigate inbound calling to Canadian Numbers.
Aug , EDT

This incident affects: Inbound Calling Services (Inbound Calling (SIP)).

Yes but I’m in South Louisiana, we’re only seeing issues with Sprint Cell inbound at the moment. I think someone mentioned T-Mobile but haven’t confirmed. We’ve reached out to ATT since the calls are coming into the tandem, they’ve kicked the ticket to maintenance group.

We’ve also opened a ticket up with Sprint today, don’t think anything has come of it yet.