Inauguration streaming traffic

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We're a regional ISP, about 80% SMB 20% residential. We're seeing
almost double our normal downstream traffic right now. Anyone else?

We wholesale to a lot of regional and local ISPs as well as several higher education institutions here in Washington State. It was interesting to see the breakdown of traffic increases between types of customers. We saw around 2.5x the amount of traffic towards most of these customers as normal but some of the most dramatic increases were on corporate customers where obviously lots of people were watching the online streams. Our monitoring indicated that in a couple of the markets we service had one of our competitors completely saturate their backbone so I think we got a bit more than we otherwise would have for the ISPs, our own non-multi-homed users were around 1.5X their normal peak by around 9 AM PST.

All-in-all, things seemed to work well, most of the bump in traffic from our perspective came from our limelight networks and akamai peering sessions as others have indicated. It was a good advertisement for having spare capacity handy.

John van Oppen
Spectrum Networks LLC / AS11404