In wall switches

Hi folks,

Does anyone know of anything like a small, but managed in wall switch? I
have an area where the business needs to deploy more thin client kiosks than
I have data drops and it's impossible to add more due to how the walls on
that floor (basement) where finished.
I found this little device from HP
under $250 a pop.

Even though it's a WiFi AP, I don't care for wifi functionality of that. I
just want to avoid throwing 5 port linksys's all over the floor there.
Has anyone seen anything like that HP or worked with that HP at all? Can I
manage it without buying the controller?


PS. You probably have seen posts from me before as Andrey Gordon. I recently
changed my name to Andrey Khomyakov. Just making the connection if anyone

Does anyone know of anything like a small, but managed in wall switch?

We had looked at the 3com NJ90 for a deployment. We ended up pulling
more wire instead, but it was a cool device. It isn't managed. But from
the 3com page I see that they now have new devices, the NJ220 for
managed fast Ethernet, and a NJ2000 for gigE.

3com nj1000 3com nj90 etc.

Andrey Khomyakov wrote:

We have a number of NS220s out there working fine, but they are either
EOS/EOL or their clocks are ticking.

There is the NJ2000 series, but they have "issues" with management and
proper reporting (our network management gear can't quite properly
manage them as the NJ220s).


I'm going to be implementing some NJ220 switches. They are EOL, and
only 10/100, but their feature set is impressive for their size. I
wish they had more than one PoE port, since I'm using them to deploy
VoIP to a remote office, but in the end, this will be cheaper for us
than strapping a "real" PoE switch to each desk.

Normally, I'd have one large PoE switch centralized, but due to
building issues, it is impossible for us to run more wires up the 5
floors to our office from the central location, and it's cost
prohibitive to run horizontal wires. So we're stuck with this kludge.
I'm just glad it's an option, frankly.



if not much trouble, can you elaborate on the "can't quite properly managed
them" bit?

Thank you,

We use [an orange-and-blue appliance] for NAC. It can usually
vendor-agnostically flip vlans on a switchport with a rather diverse API
of telnet/ssh/SNMP/etc commands to do so based on the OID of the switch,
across a sizeable number of vendors/platforms.

It does work with the NJ220s. From other users who have tried, and from
the vendor when asked, I was just told that they could not get it to
work, without an elaborate explanation. It is not on their supported
platform list (while the NJ220 is).

I haven't gone as far as getting one for testing purposes and
snmpwalking my way through the process to see where it "breaks".


We've used the NJ220s here....PITA. Maybe it's how we use them
(multicast traffic and .1q VLANs) but I could never get a consistent
view of the quantity of the NJ220s active on the subnet. I found that
when passing a fair amount of traffic (> 10Mbps) the 3com management
widget "Central Configuration Manager" wouldn't be able to manage the
switch unless I reduced that traffic load on the port leading to the NJ220.

A Mikrotik RB750 would fit the bill nicely. It has additional routing features that are probably not necessary, but will do simple managed switching features easily, and I think it can even be powered by PoE.

I ordered 4 of the 3CNJ2000. The came in the other day. So far, looks like
they will work out fine, considering they even support .1x (supposedly), but
I already noticed an annoying thing - they don't get the DHCP address
reliably and fall back the 169. address. So one would have to disconnect
from the network to configure them and they retain a static IP just fine.
I updated the firmware on them and the annoyance seem to have gone away, but
one would still have to connect them first before one can update the
Just keep in mind if you ever run across those

PS. They also support LLDP which comes in handy during deployment.