In search of good data

Gee, wouldn't it be nice if we had an information clearing house,
so when the media gets on these kicks, someone could tell them....
CERT? Network Operators? Someone else?

Web defacements were down today, DOS attacks continued at their
normal rate and patterns. Internet traffic increased 0.1%, and
4 ccTLD's were off-line (as they've been for the last year).

Currently, the "data" (aka Press Releases) are being generated by
several security consulting firms, whose profitability depends on
generating a lot of FUD

Israel and Palestine based individuals (and perhaps groups) have been
trashing each other's networks for the last year. Teenagers et al
have been cracking things for decades. The WTO and the like have
on-going protests. If you get mugged, its awful; but civilization
doesn't end.

So far the attacks appear to be nothing out of the ordinary. The cyber
equivalent of throwing rotten eggs at the US Embassy. I suppose the
fear in the "three-letter agencies" is it might provide cover for more
crackers planting logic more sophisticated attacks.

Imagine the headlines if this were to happen:

"Chinese phreakers announce plans to call telephones in the USA and shout
really, really loud. Security experts at iPhoneDefense warns people not
to place the phone too close to their ears or permanent deafness may result.
Because you never know if the next phone call might be from a Chinese phreaker
ready to shout loudly in your ear, you should treat every call as potentially

iPhoneDefense also announced a new product, LoudPhone (tm). LoudPhone(tm)
will assure customers of the latest in high-tech security by filtering
not only Chinese, but also German and Italian shouts. This new, patent-pending,
technology is exclusive to iPhoneDefense.

A Ma Bell spokesperson assures country the telphone network can withstand
loud phone calls. Ma Bell's spokesperson couldn't comment on iPhoneDefense's
new LoudPhone(tm), however she did remind customers any unauthorized
modification to a telephone could shutdown the entire phone network. And
therefore, customers should use only Genuine Ma Bell phone accessories on
their telephone. Genuine Ma Bell phone accessories are available in approved
colors: black, green, ivory, and white.