In Need of 10GbE Optics @AMS4

Please forgive the cross-post, but figured this was the best way to reach
my target audiences. I am onsite and in need of:

-8 10GbE Single-Mode SFP's.
-4 10GbE Single-Mode XFPs.

If you have them available for sale, that would be great, but pointing us
in the direction of where to obtain them in-country, quickly, would be very
useful as well.

- Brant

I don't have the quantity you need, but this reminded me that I'm in
need of a reliable supplier of CWDM 40KM XFP 10GbE optics. Specifically
1310nm, but I'll need other wavelengths soon. These things seem to be
manufactured by elves. I can't find a reliable supplier anywhere. Can
anyone help?

I guess the Flexoptix experts are able to adress this problem...

HTH, Fredy / Init7

You could contact Solid Optics in The Netherlands.

Contact : wouter AT

Erik Bais

Also terabit systems has an office in Amsterdam
I know they definitely have optics there :slight_smile:

try ... well established since years, not
only selling transceivers but also manufacturing muxes and other
opticals stuff. If you need a contact let me know.

If anyone is in need of DWDM 40km XFP next year, I have hundreds of them

Best regards