In case you didn't notice: Virtual protest

My partner tells me that WH, Senate, and House in-bound voice has had load
above capacity for some of the day. The call volume is in excess of 10^^6.

So, we have a denial of service attack under way against the government. I
am not sure whether this is good or bad. Generally, the less the government
does the better off we are.

David Russell
CCIE #5751

710 Kiro ( in Seattle Wa had an interview with someone who
claimed to be representing (one of the organizations
performing the virtual protest). His claim was that they desired to take
down the internet servers/jam the phone lines if they could, but most of
their communication would be fax machine to fax machine.

The fax approach is probably better than sending off thousands of emails
and being blocked (eventually). Anyway, the traffic would have been spread
out to the representatives in all of the states with a single exception
of one message per X participants copies going to the whitehouse. Thus,
it probably wouldn't have been as noticable as the media might like it
to appear as.