in case nobody else ...

They rate of it is quite surprising. By the description, the trick /
method of infection does not seem all that different than past worms
viri. Makes me wonder how many people in a room would reach into their
purse/pocket on hearing, "Wallet inspector"

Try and comprehend the typical home user, with no experience reading what
appears to be an email from a friend or a relative. It happens. I had a
friend who sent me a virus (unknowingly of course), that went to three
different accounts that fall into the same mutt directory. When I
inspected it, I gave the friend a call and notified them of the virus, and
according to them, they only thing they received was a weird message from
someone they knew.

This was a fairly smart person, albeit comp illiterate.

Someone working in the field (comp/networking) is almost always going to
point out a flaw with someone not knowing, but the majority of those who
get infected don't even know they're infected. Who do you blame them? I
blame those whose OS coding is (excuse the term) crappy (security wise) in
the sense it would allow 1) viruses to replicate as such, secondly I do
put some blame on the provider for not filtering outbound data (silly
pseudo spoofing).

Just my two cents which obviously have declined with the economy