in case nobody else noticed it, there was a mail worm released today

>I've been wondering lately, after about 10 years of email worms spreading in
>exactly the same manner with every incarnation ... why do you think people
>haven't learned not to open unexpected attachments yet? It would seem to me
>that even the most clueless user would modify his/her behavior after, say,
>the 25th time they've been infected and had to 1) call tech support or 2)
>reinstall their OS (or more likely, have someone else reinstall their OS).

(Uh oh... I think I am about to start something here...)

What you are really touching on here is a social issue that plagues the United States (and most other cultures) repeatedly. The people want to believe in a peaceful, harmless community so we can sleep sound at night and have fluffy dreams of puppies and flowers. Time and again, we try to forget the bad experiences and focus on the benefits we receive from the conveniences we demand. Therefore, born from those conveniences, the bad element sees opportunity and strikes.

This is evidenced in many facets of our world. Email, air travel, 24 hour ATMs, and roofing contractors!

Can we change this? Most likely not. But can we complain about it? What else would we do on our lunch hour?

Take care,