In answer to a Nanog request - How to get Free Cook Report Back Issues

Well over a year ago someone on Nanog asked me why I didn't give away back issues. I said I planned to give them away at the Creative Commons web site. I sent a bunch to them on a CD rom but as far as I know nothing happened.

OK - The wait is over and more than 10 years of back issues are now available at no cost. Two from just over a year ago instantaneously. The rest by registration.

At you will find pointers to the following changes.

1. COOK Report Back issues available three different ways.

(a) You can down load past issues from April 1992 through June July 2002 by registering and having me assign a username and password. (b) The issues of April - May and June July 2002 are instantly down loadable without registration via 2 links at the top of the home page. (c) In about 2 weeks they likely will also be available for a small charge on a CD rom through

2. There are also some very nice endorsements.

3. There are two small forums.... one where you can make comments and a second one way mail list from me that you can sign up for. In the next 30 days I may install an actual blog - namely


I would welcome comments on what folk find.

BTW I will publish an issue on license exempt wireless by about Labor Day. Between now and the end of the year one of my interests is to explore what IBM is calling pervasive computing. This, by 2010, could involve many hundreds of millions of small embedded processors using open source software and license exempt spectrum. I would appreciate pointers to people doing work in the area of pervasive computing. It is allied with grids certainly. But grids would be, I think, more of a back end.